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Thread: I'm Feeling So Much Better Now (CTG)

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    Default I'm Feeling So Much Better Now (CTG)

    I'm Feeling So Much Better Now

    I've been so confused recently
    with these women with burquas
    and suicide vests that mess
    up my head. How much finer

    to have a glamorous Russian spy
    with whom to flirt and cavort!
    When you see her breast area,
    all she's got in there is ****!

    Oh, Svetlana! Oh, Tatiana!
    Let me be your James Bond!
    Let me fondle your Glock,
    let me stroke your fur!

    Christopher T. George
    Christopher T. George
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    Hahaha! Well done Chris, that put a smile on my face.

    All that fur brought the cold war right back, but without the chill.

    Anna Chapman [Anya Kushchenko]. The spy that made us all want to be James Bond again.


    "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."... ... ... Mark Twain.

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