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Thread: The Sound of Faint Applause (CTG)

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    Default The Sound of Faint Applause (CTG)

    The Sound of Faint Applause

    The sound of one hand clapping -- ah, yes,
    an forgivable cliché -- there's no doubt
    I should be dragged into the Writer's Plaza
    and horsewhipped for such a transgression!

    Still, I hear the sound of faint applause,
    for my mother and father, so unprepared
    for parenthood; but neither was I prepared
    to be a child. Hands tied behind our backs

    in post World War II Liverpool,
    rationing still in place, the city blitzed
    by Hitler's Luftwaffe, gaptoothed streets,
    minds decimated or distorted forever.

    No licenses given out to qualify anyone
    to become a parent, no classes on how to raise
    a family, how to be a wife, husband, child.
    No wonder we're all in such a mess today,

    psyches cramped by rules, intentions
    misunderstood since unexpressed,
    passports unstamped to enter
    a cold and uncaring world.

    Christopher T. George

    Liverpool Blitz Memorial by Tom Murphy, St. Nicholas's Churchyard, Liverpool

    Recent book on the 1941 Blitz in Liverpool based on the secret diary of a local reporter.
    Christopher T. George
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    Great sentiment Chris,

    The Liverpool Blitz Memorial photo looks in the direction of "Prison Weint", the small alleyway that led to the Tower of Liverpool, in Water Street. If you listen very carefully you may hear the distant sound of the French prisoners who where held there in the years up to 1793. There must be lots of sounds now unheard in the city?

    "The sound of one hand clapping". I never did work that one out - and I think that is deliberate on the part of all zen koans.
    "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."... ... ... Mark Twain.

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