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Thread: Robert Percy Evans (born 21 May 1889 at 142 Lodge Lane, Toxteth Park, Liverpool)

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    Default Robert Percy Evans (born 21 May 1889 at 142 Lodge Lane, Toxteth Park, Liverpool)

    Does anyone know anything about what happened to Robert Percy Evans after about 1930/1931. Robert Percy Evans was born in 21 May 1889 at 142 Lodge Lane, Toxteth Park, Liverpool and married Louisa Annie Maud Blows (also known as "Dolly") in West Derby, Liverpool on 23rd June 1914? They had two children (Brian Evans, born in 1915 and Joyce Evans, born in 1918). The family lived at 1 Coventry Road, Wavertree, Liverpool but Robert Percy Evans left the family in 1931 (or thereabouts) and I am trying to find out what happened to him after that. Robert Percy Evans was a draper (at least in the early part of his life) and his brother was Edwin Herbert Evans, who was born in 1883 and ran a Coach/Car Body Workshop at 15 Back Canning Street, Liverpool 8 in the 1930s. [Edwin Herbert Evans married Lily Agnes Blows, who was Louisa Annie Maud Blows' sister: so the two brothers married two sisters].
    I cannot find any trace of Robert Percy Evans in any records after their marriage in 1914. I cannot even find any record of when or where he died (which would obviously be a great help in trying to find out where he went and what happened to him).
    Robert Percy Evans was my wife's grandfather but she never met him and longs to find out what happened to him, what kind of person he was and (ideally) trace a photograph of him (at any age).
    If anybody can help in any way I would be very grateful.

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    Hi there, will do a little digging and see, best wishes, Flower

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    Default Robert Percy Evans

    Message for FlowerBD20.
    Thanks for offering to "do a little digging" to see if you can find anything more on Robert Percy Evans.
    If you do find anything new, that would be absolutely fantastic.
    I appreciate your interest anyway, even if you do not find anything.
    Thanks. Good luck.
    Best wishes,

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    Hi there,
    I looked in the 1948 Kellys Directory and never forund a trace of Robert Percy Evans.
    The only other one I have is 1894, sorry.
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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