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Thread: Tate and Lyle, 1960

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    Default Tate and Lyle, 1960

    Who would have believed 50 years ago that there would be no Tate and Lyle in Liverpool and that the company would no longer be in the sugar business? Last week’s news that the sugar business had been sold brings to an end a company history that started in Liverpool in 1859, when Henry Tate [...]


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    I used to love going past there on the train. We always used to have tate and lyle sugar in the house so it was probably the only big brand factory that I actually saw and knew by name... That plus I had a thing for eating sugar cubes back then

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    Loads of Tate & Lyle pics here:

    Local kids would swim in the canal nearby, a part called the 'Scaldies' which was warmed by the by products pumped out by Tates.

    The Bridge pub on Chisenhale st bridge was known locally as the fly house as workers who drank in there were covered in sugar, thus attracting flies.

    Generations of families worked in there. The site is now part of the Eldonian Village housing co-operation which kept a lot of families from the nearby tenements living in the same community.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    While rooting through my drawers I just found these..

    Click image for larger version. 

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