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    Compelling stuff, nevertheless:

    Professionals from all walks of life testify to the
    existence of extraterrestrial craft and races. (Esp
    the 2nd half (approx 2 hours.))

    '... we are not alone in the Universe ... we have to
    prevent the weaponisation of space ... the threat
    first being based upon the Russians ... rogue nations
    ... terrorists ... asteroids ... the last card will be
    the extraterrestrial threat ... these UFO's are now
    identified ... we can end the energy crisis and the
    environmental problems ... we already have a
    replacement for fossil fuels and nuclear power ...
    over 50 different humanoid species ... 80 billion
    dollars a year going into these black projects ...'

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    Default The Disclosure Project

    It seems some can't access the previous vid because of codec probs.

    Here it is on Google vid:

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    Who has disclosed this?

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