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Thread: Reid of Liverpool family history research

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    Default Reid of Liverpool family history research

    Currently researching following family surnames: -

    Delaney of Liverpool & Ireland
    Reid of Liverpool & Ireland
    Smith of Liverpool & Ireland
    Roberts & Staines of Bootle, London, Canada
    Brawn, Turner, Jones & Wools of Hereford, Gloucester, Matherne, Wales, Liverpool
    Hegarty of Liverpool & Bristol
    Harvey, Hunnable, Roberts, Staines of London
    Hardy, Birch, Griffiths, Jones, Williams, Trueman of Liverpool & Cheshire
    Lucas & Nolan of Liverpool & Ireland

    and many, many ........................

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    Hi, I have Read/Reid/Rade in St Helens and surrounding districts. Hannah Rade married James Hunter, a quarryman from Sedbergh. Any use? Flower

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    Hi FlowerBD20, sorry I've only just got this message. I've not come across any Hannah in my famhist to date and nor does the spelling Rade (those that could be an enumeration spelling) has cropped up. Do you have any connections with Liverpool city Reid's from in and around the Vauxhall area. The connecting surnames, via marriage, are Delaney, Smith, Byrne(s) and Hegarty. Regards

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