I'm on a mission to find an old friend of my mum. My mum is Prudence (Prue Sephton) from Rudd Avenue, Parr, St.Helens.

Dorothy M Tyler used to live in Rudd Avenue, Parr, St.Helens before moving to Greyhound Avenue, Speke in the mid 1930's.

From a little bit of investigation, I think Dorothy married Thomas J Robinson in 1953.

A little bit more investigation and I think she had three children - Thomas Robinson b 1956; Paul D Robinson b 1957 and Susan D Robinson b 1959.

If any of Dorothy's children sees this message, or anybody reads it and recognises the names, can you please send me a private message in reply.

Mum recently turned 80 and loves talking about her old friends and has been wondering, in particular, how Dorothy got on after leaving St.Helens.

Many thanks - Olliebeak