Hi everyone
Have just joined what looks like a cool site and was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to look up some information for me
My family originate from the Liverpool 8 area and Everton side (needless to say we are a mixed bag were footy is concerned)
I remember living in my mums family home in Granby street (before the roof blew off) the house was demolished and we moved out to Cheshire in 1966.
We came to Liverpool almost every weekend while my dads mum was alive (by this time she was in the Wavertree area) and then the visits trailled off as we grew up, family started to go there own way etc. ect
Anyhow I was wondering if anyone remembers a family called Evers and or has any old photos from the time and place that they dont mind sharing it will bring back alot of memories i am sure.
Thank you all