Hi everyone

Historians be alerted! I have just registered for the new site "Do You Know What Was in Liverpool?" which purports to tell stories about Liverpool history. But because, like Wikipedia, anyone can add to it, it can also spread a lot of disinformation. I have spent time adding a post on the alleged priory or castle at St. Michael's which is unlikely to have been monastic property as some of the posters claimed. As many of you will know, the area at the time of the middle ages would have still been part of Toxteth Park and there would have been no private property inside what was then a royal preserve. The building that is being discussed thus appears to be a later, probably nineteenth century, "folly" built near St. Michaels in the Hamlet, which was built beginning in 1812. I encourage those of you who do know your history to correct other misinformation being put on the site.