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    Anyone remember the Hartismere in 1952 when we were mixed up in the viet nam war with the French?

    We loaded bombs and trucks in India to help them with only the Skippers hand gun to protect ourselves

    Love to hear from you if you were involved?

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    At about that time Hartismere was collecting WW2 scrap around the South Sea Islands. Beach combers were burning up abandened war equipment into hand carryable size lumps and Hartismere was going around collecting it. On one island she loaded more than expected and had to take the coral reef at a run to bounch over it and get out, luckily the coral was known to be soft. At another island she was tied up to trees on the shore. being at the end of a jetty there was water between her and the shore and the islanders were swimming in it. To seaward there were big sharks but they would not pass under or near the really big shark, i,e., the ship to get at the swimmers. Where you in her then Mo? The romance iof the Sea. All us regular cargo liner men missed out on it. It was the scruffy tramps were the crews lay under palm trees drinking exotic brews out of coconut shells served by dusky maiden. Too late now. Endo

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