Krishnan Guru-Murthy (born April 5, 1970) is a British television newscaster and journalist currently fronting Channel 4 News (produced by ITN), which he joined in 1998.

He first appeared on the DEF II programme Open to Question in 1988, and later presented the BBC's children's news programme, Newsround, from 1991 to 1994, and after spending three years as a reporter from Newsnight was one of the first presenters of the BBC's then-new rolling news channel, BBC News 24, in the midday-to-16:00 slot. He is now the main presenter of Channel 4 News at Noon and is also a main presenter on the evening "Channel 4 News" and has fronted some of Channel 4's most controversial programmes including The Autopsy and The Exorcism. He has also reported from around the world covering many disasters and conflicts. He also presented the Channel 4 documentary for the Gorillaz called Charts of Darkness, here he met up with many strange people involved with the Gorillaz including Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

He has presented his own weekly radio programme on LBC 97.3 and appears regularly on BBC Radio 4 as a broadcaster and commentator.

He has appeared as a guest on the comedy news show on Radio 4 The News Quiz, and has had cameo appearances in several productions, including regular ones Bremner, Bird and Fortune and the film Shaun of the Dead. He also hosted the Channel 4 quiz show, Number One and The National Lottery. He used to write a weekly column in the Metro newspaper.

He plays in a rock band with Peter Barron, the editor of "Newsnight" and Tim Hincks, the chief creative officer of Endemol UK.

Originally from Liverpool, Merseyside,he read PPE at Hertford College, Oxford, and now lives in West London with his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Jasmine.