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Thread: No 2008 Commemorative Coin?

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    Exclamation No 2008 Commemorative Coin?

    I heared on t' radio this morning the Royal Mint have said they are unable to produce a commemorative coin celebrating Liverpool as capital of culture foor 2008, and as I'm typing this, I find the story.....

    THE Royal Mint has been accused of snubbing Liverpool, after it refused to produce a coin to mark its reign as European Capital of Culture. more

    But, despite the prestigious year-long celebration being widely regarded as the largest national event before the 2012 Olympics, the organisation turned down the request insisting there are "several anniversaries" in the same year that it will be required to commemorate.

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    same old same old im afraid

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    Why "same old, same old"? Did the Royal Mint produce a commemorative coin for Glasgow in 1990? ...I don't think so. As for the European Capital of Culture event being "the largest national event before the 2012 Olympics", come on, that's just crap. Probably the largest event for the Merseyside area, but not nationally. The "snubbed" headline sounds a bit over the top if you ask me.

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