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    I live in Old Swan and have lived here since 1977. So Ive seen the changes in the place. Its got plenty of shops I used to say you dont have to go to town cos you can get what ever it was in the Swan. Its pretty quiet at night.. Its like anywhere you get your good and your bad . At the moment a fare few shops have closed down. Think thats mostly to do with the economy well hope it is !
    But if you want to live in Old Swan its a good place. Plenty of schools....churches....doctors..even has its own Walk In center. Its not to far from Spingfield Park and the other way is Newsham Park.Plus you can pretty much get a bus to anywhere from the Swan.
    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomie View Post
    I live central and never really go up by Rathbone so i dont really know. you need to ask someone from that area.

    But i would assume that the retail park at edge lane with its Mccdonalds, Bowling alley and Cinema would bring gangs of kids into the area. but how bad is it i just dont know sorry.
    Typical sterotyping.
    The retail does not effect this area, which the person asks about
    Its not too bad around there at all
    you have the glass house pub
    but there are worse pubs than that around
    I would rather be there than the other side of mill lane by walgrave
    the kids around there are feral

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    I know someone who lives in one of the roads off Rathbone that lead to the retail Park and they say its a pain there of a weekend.

    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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