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Thread: Onion Head and the Tobacco Warehouse Grafitti

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    Default Onion Head and the Tobacco Warehouse Grafitti

    Evidently at some stage during or soon after closure, the Tobacco Warehouse on Stanley Dock was cleared out of anything related to it's former use. When I finally made it inside last year, there were no hogsheads (tobacco containers), no old tools, paperwork, benches - everything had gone aside from the remains of some screw presses and the tobacco lifts.

    Fortunately though, the walls and doors of the warehouse were host to a treat of their own - copious amounts of grafitti written by workers in the final years of the warehouse's use. From football related banter and rascist jokes to gripes about pay and redundancy and jibes at the gaffers, this lot told a story on it's own.

    Strangely though a large amount of the grafitti targeted one person - the man who'd been named 'Onion Head'. I can only assume he was a boss or foreman who was the butt of many of the workers' jokes.

    If anybody worked here, or know's who Onion Head is, I'd love to hear more! Below is a selection of the grafitti (I've left out offensive/distasteful content in respect of the forum's guidelines). Further photos of the warehouse can be found here.

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    Poor old Onion Head. He was misunderstood!

    Fine pictures once again Snappel.

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