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Thread: Anfield 1953

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    Default Anfield 1953

    One event that anyone interested in football always remembers is their first football match. I was a late-starter, being 13 before I went along to watch the famous Spurs double team of 1961 play Sheffield United.The match passed by in a blur but my abiding memory was being jostled in a huge crowd – mainly [...]


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    It looks like a 1930s soup line.

    The mainmast of the Great Eastern can be seen in this picture.
    The new Amsterdam at Liverpool?
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    Deprived of its unique dockland waters Liverpool
    becomes a Venice without canals, just another city, no
    longer of special interest to anyone, least of all the
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    canals to view its modern museum describing
    how it once was?

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    It works out to about £1.85 for the Kop and £4.76 for the stands in todays money

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    Great picture thanks

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