Acknowledgement to "Helen" Editor of The Islander Newspaper Ascension Island Who has given me permission to place this Article in this Forum.

RMS UPDATE 30th March
Good Morning all,
we are now four weeks into the Wet Dock. This is my last report as I will be handing over to Capt Young today and will fly out later this evening.

The weather this week has been a mixed bag with a few days of Strong SE'ly winds, a few hot sunny days and one day where it was overcast with thick fog in the morning. Sunday saw the arr of the Aurora which was due to sail later that evening, I believe for Walvis Bay and then Sth. However due to very strong winds the port was closed and she could only sail on Monday morning. Guess she is now running late. It happens to
other ships as well not just the little RMS.......

Work has continued to make good progress with minimal work been carried out on Good Friday and Easter Monday. This past week has seen the doors fitted to the Sun Lounge, all the window boxes fitted and the electrics been installed. The vinyl deck has been laid in both the Bar and Pantry. Today will see the new bulk heads been fitted. Then they will make ready the deck for the Carpet.

Wall papering in the cabins has now been completed and cabins are now been handed back to the Hotel Dept. Most cabin showers have now been completed with just a few finishing touches.

Machining of the Eng Block was completed over the weekend. It took slightly longer than anticipated, however as explained in my earlier reports this was a very technical and complicated job, requiring a skilled and patient operator. Since the completion of the machining we have seen the Eng been rebuilt at a phenomenal rate. The makers Engineer who is over seeing the whole process has advised that this is normal.
Once the Eng has been rebuilt then comes the big task of wiring and testing.

The removal of the old Evaporators was completed during the earlier part of the week. Since then preparation has been made for the new ones to be installed. Today will see the start of of their installation.

The Boat Deck Fan Rm was painted out over the weekend by ships staff and yesterday saw the start of the fans and trunking going back. Once these are all in place and connected up the system will be tested before the bulk head can be welded back.

The main Lounge has seen the most progress this week after a very slow week last week. The the carpet was laid, all the stainless steel window trims fitted, new roller blinds fitted, the music system was reinstall and all the bulk heads were coated. This Lounge is now ready to be set up with the new furniture. I had a look at the furniture that is in the container on Easter Sunday and in my opinion what fantastic furniture it is.

All work on the upgrade of the fresh water has now been completed.

The bridge wing bulk heads have seen the windows and doors fitted. They have also been primed, painted and the insulation reinstalled. The task of putting back all the electrics and the GMDSS(radio)station will begin today.

The repair on the No2 hatch track way is hoped to be completed this morning and will be test this afternoon. Capt Young will have his fingers and toes crossed....

Yesterday saw and Enclose Space Entry course been carried out onboard for all Deck and Eng Rm Crew. Most courses are now completed.

The ship's staff have been giving the shop a face lift during the last few days as well as continuing with chipping and painting and the big task of putting everything back together. With all this work been carried out the old girl has lost a few tons.

I now leave you in the good hands of Capt Young who will need to start the big clean up. Good Luck.
Andrew Greentree
Master RMS St Helena.
I hope you find this of interest, I feel sure Captain Cong will as I know he was on Ascension Island many years ago.