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    Hi all

    I am going to start this publishing opportunities thread with a notice I have just received for a mag that is accepting "end of the world" poems, poetry-related visual art and photography, and essays.

    papertiger: new world poetry #07 - poetry at the end of the world

    The first themed issue in papertiger: new world poetry's seven year history, #07 will explore 'the end of the world'.

    Think: millennialism, comets, Twin Towers, lost job, the break-up, sea of glass, the Beast 666, 'troop surge', colonialisation, losing lotto ticket, the unanswered prayer, tsunami, Katrina, Godzilla, guns, Nostradamus, darkness, zombies in shopping malls, bird flu, slavery, dogs howling, mushroom clouds, mutations, the lover you never knew she had, scorched earth, Pompeii, Conflagration, the Y2K let-down, Axis of Evil, Fenris, aliens, oil shortage, Darfur, depleted uranium, the funeral, machine wars, Nero fiddling, your favourite band's last album, black holes, Judgment Day, phone rage, cancer, dark matter, Mayan calendar, survivalists, he drowned before I could reach him … and you've got the picture!

    Send your submissions of poetry - including multimedia (i.e. video, audio, Flash animated) poetry, poetry-related visual art and photography, and essays - to us by 01 March 2007, to be considered.

    Check our submission guidelines for all the details:

    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
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    this is a really good thread chris!

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