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Thread: Why do people want to give me money?

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    Default Why do people want to give me money?

    I suppose I must have some appeal for these people, who I have never met, by the way.

    Today I received offers off these nice folk to share in their wealth.

    Andrew Anderson ( £5m
    Mike Brummond ( $12 million
    Frank Kelly ( $800,000
    Obaseke okiri ( $5MILLIONS
    Philip Neto Williams ( USD35.8M
    Jane Stevens ( $5,000,000
    Larry Johnson ( 12,540,000.00 Million Pounds
    White, Robert M ( One Million Dollars Cheque
    Mr.Anthony Borris ( usd 4.7million
    Stephen Edds ( USD 3,200,728.00 Dollars
    Syahril Johan ( plenty

    I'll not be taking them up on their offer because I've just had a £2 retirement pension rise. Make sure you don't either.


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    I'll take it , i have no morals !!!!!!!!!!

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    I just get the gentlemen having trouble with the Nigerian govt. who want me to handle a few million for them for a 30% or so cut...

    And the odd one saying I just won an Irish Lottery (that I did not enter) and please send a credit card number to verify my account...

    I guess it's the other way around, they just want a share of my wealth....

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    What is a lonely old millionaire to do?
    Can't give it away. 'Tis a fickle old world.

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