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    I know I am not usually very observant, but this morning, and the other day even. I was waiting at a bus stop near Queens Drive, and I had just finished a pack of cigarettes, and noticed that there wasnt a bin at the bus stop. Which to me encourages people to throw their rubbish on the floor. I remember years ago, there used to be a small oval type bin attached to the bus stop. Which I think would have been mainly to put used bus tickets in. I know in some parts of Liverpool City Centre, at one time the bins all seemed to disappear, or where covered, which think had something to do with terrorism threats. But in the suburbs, I wouldnt think this would apply as much. Someone will most probably come on and tell me its been like that for years and years. But I have only just noticed. Its just annoying that if I had of been eating, e.g. A bag of chips, I would have had to put the smelly used paper in my handbag to take it home and many person would just throw the paper away.

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    We have quite a few bins here , i have noticed the lack of bins in bus stops though , i think they stopped using them because some of the kids were setting fire to them !!
    Speaking of bins , i need a weekly collection and NOT a fortnightly one
    Why do the council collect grass and cuttings weekly , but leave smelly rubbish to fester for a fortnight ?

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    I am lucky where I live, I am in the Knowsley area, and we do have weekly bin collections, and fortnightly recycle bins emptied.

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    That's the way it should be Linda , Sefton do things A$$ about face !!

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    I got a promo leaflet the other day from some MP saying they are about to install new bins at all the bus stops along Queens Drive, so soon you will have the pleasure of putting your rubbish in it and seeing everyone elses around it
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