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    It is 25yrs since I left Merseyside and I dont think I will ever return to live, its not that I would not like to but I have made a life where I live now on the Yorkshire coast my kids have grown up here and since moving here me and my family have prospered... but..... time catches up with you and athough everybody who is dear to me lives around me my heart still belongs to Merseyside.
    I try to console myself by getting to a few Everton home games every season and usually combine it with a visit to relatives and a pint in one of my old haunts, what I always find amazing is that after 25 years I still connect with my own people, it is as though I have never been away and I just fit straight in, my accent is still intact and for one day every few months I drive around Liverpool wearing my rose coloured specs

    Does this happen to anybody else?

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    Yea same here, after 28 years away, now back home, love it.

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    I'm just the opposite, after 25 years away I feel like a foreigner when I return. I am in a different country though and only return every couple of years.
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    Yep, me too... although I have only been away for 8 years.
    I don't have any intention of moving back here although I love the place!
    I will always defend it to the hilt, my accent is as thick as they come. I am proud of my Scouse roots.

    I think once born a Scouser you will always have this coursing through your viens.

    And yes, the Scousers are like no other community on earth.

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