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    has anyone got access to records of st philips chuch hardman st ? i have searched the web and cannot find any only in the liverpool record office apparently. i travelled to liverpool rec office last week but could not continue my research as i was ill and cannot get there often as i am in leics. any help would be appreciated.

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    This rings a bell,I'm sure there was a thread on here re' this church!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsteve55 View Post
    This rings a bell,I'm sure there was a thread on here re' this church!
    Yes, there was, but unfortunately it's not going to help with the records.

    There's probably only one set of records in existence and the poster knows they're in the Record Office.

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    I think you'll find that St Philip, Hardman Street, after demolition, was relocated to St Philip, Sheil Road. Maybe they still hold the original records. Worth a call.
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