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Thread: Grünhaus Project and Plans for St Luke's Church

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    Default Grünhaus Project and Plans for St Luke's Church

    I found this by chance at which lead me to

    Am I missing something or is this a proposal to demolish St Luke's Church on Berry Street? They've got no chance surely? I'm going to look into this further. If you visit part of their project outlines includes the following:

    By 1st January 2008 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is expected to have concluded that Mankind’s activity is indeed responsible for Climate Change. The recent BBC comments on their draft report bearing this out. Major sea level rises are predicted which could seriously affect parts of Liverpool under 5m [16ft] above the high tide level. In the longer term. “Which would then have to be visited by submarine – yellow of course !

    Recently the contract has been signed between ARUP and the Shanghai Industrial Development Corporation, based on Liverpool’s “Twin” city, for the Dongtan “Eco-City” a fully sustainable community close to Shanghai.
    Also recently the Welsh Assembly’s new Senate Building has been opened by HM The Queen, this is also a fully sustainable construction.

    In view of all the above it is suggested that at least one high profile Sustainability project should be included in the 2008 City of Culture programme, even if construction has to proceed during that year. Mankind’s future Culture is going to have to become increasingly “energy self reliant” from Renewable Energy sources close at hand. While hopefully becoming increasingly at Peace with his neighbours so that Sustainable Communities can flourish undisturbed. And as Liverpool has created wealth from Renewable Energy in the past - that of it’s folk, and the wind at sea - a return to wealth creation “from the elements” seems in keeping.

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    Default PS

    ARUP have a Liverpool office in Old Hall St, by the way.

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    No one would allow it. Whether it be the 'people of liverpool' or the powers that be. It sounds like they could be using the building rather than demolishing it as in the original clause of the building of St Luke's, that area was provided for only a church to stand there and nothing else.

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    Hi Dave

    It appears the plan may be being put forward by Ferrand Stobart, a chemical engineer and secretary of the Grunhaus Project, who posted on the BBC site you referenced:

    Construction of a Sustainable Building from the derelict St Lukes Church on Berry Street, Liverpool, with an on line Database of Renewable Energy Technologies, plus teaching, conference & exhibition facilities.
    Aimed as part of Liverpool City of Culture 2008

    I guess the question is what does Ferrand Stobart mean by a Sustainable Building??? Are there plans to put a roof on the church and put it to some use? I thought the idea was that St. Luke's would be left as it was as a permanent memorial to the Blitz?

    There is an email address for Mr Stobart and I have emailed him to clarify what is being suggested.

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    Hi Chris,
    I tried to call their offices, but the answerphone was on. This Renewable Energy thingy is doing Ferrand Stobart a power of good. He's quoted as being 78 years old on his Yahoo profile!

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