I am currently researching the colourful antics of my naughty old grandfather, who in the early 1900s was sculling around the UK with my 20 year old maternal grandmother, producing illegitimate children faster than a magician pulls rabbits from his hat!

Their youngest (before they emigrated to South Africa for a few years) was born on 30 June 1905. My grandmother, Emily, registered the birth of her son on 8 August 1905, and stated they were living at 11 Kendrick Street, Seaforth. (These details obtained from the child's birth certificate which is to hand)

My grandfather was employed (long term) with the John Jackson engineering firm, whom I assume was at that time working on a contract in the area of Seaforth. Later that year (or in 1906) the couple emigrated to South Africa, and I am certain grandfather continued working with this firm on the huge project of building the Simon's Town docks.

My questions are this, please:-

1. Can anyone confirm the existence of this engineering company working in or around Seaforth at that time?
2. The likelihood is, they shipped-out of Liverpool to Cape Town in 1905 or 1906. If this were possible, does anyone know the name of the likely shipping company who sailed to that part of the globe?

Many thanks for any info on the John Jackson company, shipping companies of the day or about Kendrick Street.