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Thread: ashfield gardens aka scotland road area

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    Thumbs up ashfield gardens aka scotland road area

    the cunard yanks, via hells kitchen ,via the merchant marine, my grandad was a ships stoker aboard this ship ,ss celtic in the 1920,s
    in later life he used to tell me how he jumped ship in new york and lived in the hells kitchen area of nyc,,before returning on another ship ,much like catching a bus ,today ,my family still got his seamans book with ship lists,etc

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    Hi Jacky,
    There's lots of old sailors on Yo and we've got our own section - why not post this there?

    Brians' Daley and Aspinall can tell you a bit about Cunard Yanks.

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    My pa in law was a Cunard Yank. Dom Volante was the gym instructor on his ship. This reminds me I have a pic of him, my pa in law that is as a 17 year old on The Franconia and he wants us to try and identify the bloke on it who worked in the bakers room. I'll post it up later.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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