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Thread: Pleasant Hill Street, 1918.

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    Default Pleasant Hill Street, 1918.

    Two fascinating photographs from WW1. The factory of James Troop, a brass foundry, on Pleasant Hill Street (off Sefton Street), had evidently been turned into an aircraft factory. Although women had worked in factories and mines from the start of the Industrial Revolution, the necessity to recruit women as part of the war effort was [...]


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    Great those Colin. James Troop used to be a customer of ours in the 1980s when we shipped marine engines for them.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    My first job for a few months was working there. This is the machine shop, if I recall right. I never knew they made planes (well parts of planes) in WW1.

    Troops were a ship repairers and a had all types of skills and "shops". They still exist today specialising only in engines moving to Runcorn. They stated around 1867. Still family owned.
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