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    Yuke, you learned to play chords
    on your dad's ukelele strumming

    to George Formby uke and croon,
    "I'm leaning on a lamppost

    at the corner of the street in case
    a certain little lady comes by."

    The toothy comic actor leered out
    between the first licks you played

    in your deaf gran's front parlor
    amid antimacassars and aspidistras,

    a cracked 78 on the gramophone.
    Lancs lad, you graduated from uke

    to Stratocaster, robust as a black pud—
    a plump blood sausage—sounds sweet

    as an Eccles cake, raisins and sugar,
    you would peal an archipelago of notes.

    Smoky northern clubs; morning stale beer
    in city jiggers, ciggies on our lower lips

    as under a wet sky, we lugged our gear
    home. Lads who might have been us

    blinked at us and ignored us,
    got back to their scratch footer.

    Christopher T. George
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