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Thread: Scandanavian Hotel and Duke Street

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    Default Scandanavian Hotel and Duke Street

    Im an architecture student doing a new project and im considering using the old Scandanavian Hotel by Chinatown as my site. I would appreciate if anyone has any history on the site rather than the more recent news of Dowings plans for its revamp. I appreciate it if people had pictures of what was there beofre the hotel, the hotel without the back extension, without the chinese gate. Any thing really would help alot.

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    Hi Ciaran,

    Do you mean this building, posted previously?

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    Yip thats the one but i am looking for a bit more information on the history of the site as to the building. Like what was there before the building what was its function/purpose?

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    If you want to find out what was there before the building was erected in the 1850s, the Liverpool Record Office will have maps and street directories.

    It'll be interesting to learn what you find.

    Just remember that the white building was never anything but a factory.

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    Aye ive learnt that from everybody elses post that it was the extension at the back that became the hotel.

    Ive got a load of old maps and from what i can see it was nothing and then all of a sudden the factory was there . I havent tried street directories yet but ill keep looking

    You know anything else useful about the site?

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    The extension was built on the site which included an hotel, not the other way round.
    It looks like all that site was originally 5 large houses.
    One of the houses in Duke Street became a hotel.
    The house nearest Nelson Street was demolished and the factory for Abbotts was built about 1858.

    Have you seen that link?
    It pretty much covers the history of the site from 1858 to date.

    I'm still not clear exactly what you want to know.

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