While researching the Gildart family in America, I found a notation in a Mississippi newspaper that Horatio Nelson Gildart, my 3G uncle, drowned in Liverpool Harbor in 1828, at the age of 28. No details are given, other than he was there to represent the American Gildarts in settling the estate of Francis Gildart, who was a town clerk in Liverpool in the 1700s.

The mystery is intriguing. Was he drunk? slip on a banana peel? Or was he pushed!

His diary details his travels in England in 1826, and of watching "the inimitable McCready playing the role of Virginius."

I sure would like to find out more about the circumstances of his death. Any suggestions on who I could contact would be much appreciated. If I'm ever in Liverpool, I'll buy you a beverage.

I'm an American living in Tennessee.