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Thread: Disused warehouse video

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    Default Disused warehouse video

    I wish I had a chance to roam around this place. Some of the contents look intereting. Unless I missed it in the audio, does anyone know

    where this warehouse is located? The road scene may give a

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    Wouldn't play for me, it told me to download an update which I did

    and it still didn't play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shytalk View Post
    Wouldn't play

    for me, it told me to download an update which I did and it still didn't play.
    Mine autoplays fine in Quicktime. I never even realised it played

    mp4 files!

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    Must be the Buddleia

    Building Dave - they're opposite Cains and the doorway they're in looks like it. The warehouse was divided into separate units - this one must have been an

    antiques dealership or something. When I went in there a few months back I didn't see anything like that - no doubt it has all gone now.


    because I don't remember any wooden stairs like that - but then again, the units on that side of the building had no floors in anymore, they'd been

    stripped out entirely.

    But yes, I reckon that's where it is.

    EDIT: Watched it again - deffo the Buddleia Building, making way for the new

    community centre. Either we didn't explore that bit, or it was the bit with no floors, etc. What a shame though, all that stuff just left like that. I

    suppose businesses go bust and nobody cares anymore.

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