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Thread: Kew Street?

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    Default Kew Street?

    Hi I've been researching my family tree and found that my ggggrandfather moved to Liverpool in Kew street and was a Ship wright on the 1871 census.I've been looking on old maps for Kew Street but can't find it due to the scale of the area.Has anyone heard of it/rememeber it and could tell me where it was?

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    I Know it very well.

    My family came from there and lived there for more than 40 years. It was knocked down in the 1960's.

    St Anthony's church on Scotland road. Kew street is 2 streets away going towards Bootle. The entrance to the road is still there ( about 12 feet long ) and a sign post is on the wall for Kew street. But nothing else remains.
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    Thats great Spike-thanks
    I had a feeling it was no longer there.

    ahh just clicked the link to your family site-that kept popping up when I googled kew street

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    Here yo go 2 pics of how it is now. The new houses are where the street stood.

    There are a couple of old pics around. Ged may have them on his site.
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    By the way welcome to the forum
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    Thats brilliant-thanks!
    Great websites btw.

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    Who is Ged-do you have a link to his site please?

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    Google inacityliving should find it. It's quoted enough on here. Give yourself a few hours on it though. Once you open it you can't leave it.

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    My Dad's next door neighbours come from Kew Street , i'll ask her if she has any photo's or info for you .

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    Default More on Kew Street

    Tysiony and Spike

    Kew Street was the birthplace of James Thornton, the great songwriter. He emigrated to the US as a child and was very famous as a music hall performer around the turn of the century. His most famous song is "When You Were Sweet Sixteen", which was most recently a hit for the Fureys.

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    How interesting-I wonder if my ggggranddad knew him

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    The only decent pic i've seen of Kew st is in Freddy O'Connor's book 'It all came tumbling down' - I think I have it on my site but not sure. I certainly have one of the rears of Kew St and that little landing block of flats but they were from the 1920s. The records office folder attributed to Kew Street is missing.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    I dont want to presume-would Kew Street have been in the district of Vauxhall?

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