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Thread: Dowd/Lees photo

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    Default Dowd/Lees photo

    This is a long shot but I need a photograph of my great grand parents (Joseph)Thomas Dowd Born about 1867 died 1955 and Ada Taggart born 1870 died 1936 both from Liverpool. We cannot find a copy with in the family but I need a photo so an article about my family can be published with photos. A photo of one of Thomas's siblings would be fine they are Richard, Mary A and Catherine Alice Dowd who married John Roberts.
    Thomas's parents were Richard Dowd and Mary Mason(daughter of Solomon).
    Ada's parents were Thomas Taggart and Catherine Atkin
    Thomas and Ada's son Herbert Dowd (my Grand Father) married Mary Lees in 1934 St Nathaniel Liverpool, some family who I do not know (yet) might have a photo of this.
    Any ideas where to look would be a help. I know this may prove impossible but who knows they could appear in some ones wedding photo.

    I am trying to trace photographers of the time at the moment!

    Thank you

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    BTW [and welcome atticus]

    What? No photographs of Harvey the Pookah?

    If I remember rightly (and I do) the George Dowd in the movie was said, by his sisters, to be 'pixelated'. Not so good forDigital Photography.

    All the best with your search.

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