Lisa Fury - Professional Wrestler

Born in Liverpool, England, Lisa began to take an interest in wrestling from an early age. Lisa's Grandad Tony Fury was also a pro wrestler. After deciding she would like to become involved in wrestling, Lisa contacted Brian Dixon from All Star Wrestling when she was still in High School.

Brian advised her to take up martial arts to learn the basics of wrestling. Lisa enrolled in Ju-Jitsu classes and spent the next two years learning the ancient Japanese martial art.

On the 26th February 2002, Lisa debuted in the world of pro wrestling at Blackpool Tower. Lisa was the manager for Liverpool's own "The Wildcat" Robby Brookside. Robby would play an important part in Lisa's wrestling career as after meeting her, he agreed to take Lisa under his wing and train her how to wrestle.

In the summer of 2002, Lisa began to train with Robby in Kirkdale Liverpool. After 3 months of intensive training Lisa was ready for her first match.

After she finished High School, Lisa studied Health & Fitness and became a Fitness Instructor.

Lisa again contacted Brian Dixon of All Star when she was 18 years old. He invited her to come along to a local show and introduce herself to him. Lisa's next show was in the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool. After meeting Lisa, Brian invited Lisa to work as a manager on his next big show.

In August 2002 Lisa's first match took place at the Weymouth Pavillion for The Wrestling Alliance. Her opponent for the match was none other than the legend of ladies wrestling and European Champion Klondyke Kate!

Giving up 16 stone to Kate and 26 years of wrestling experience, Lisa was beaten to a pulp by Klondyke Kate in less than 10 minutes.

However, Lisa continued to train and have more professional matches to gain experience and is now one of the top stars in British Professional Wrestling.