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    trying to find death of edward sephton c 1786 liverpool, no idea where in liverpool but was wed in st peters to elizabeth bolton in 1807- anything at all would be helpfull, thanks.

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    Hello Chez,
    Had a look on Ancestry and found an unsourced entry for Edward Sephton b Liverpool died 1818 Liverpool did,nt say where, parents listed as Richard Sephton b 1743 Ormskirk and Mary Spencer b 1747 Ormskirk but those dob,s don,t add up.
    Edwards siblings
    Elizabeth 1786 L,Pool
    William 1810 "
    John 1819 " died in the workhouse Yardley Gobion Northamptonshire.


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    I saw the title 'Death Search' and thought, that's for me...

    who wouldn't reply to that.

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    Default death search

    thanks dot, i know this post u found because i found this death, but-- i dont know where from? i have looked on all the sites i use and cannot find it thats why i am asking again on here, i wish i would have saved it now i usually do! and i need this proof for my files, but many thanks!

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