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Thread: Liverpool's last tram...

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    Cool Liverpool's last tram...

    hello folks...

    it has come to my attention that the last tram that rumbled accross the streets of Liverpool has ben spotted in a transport museum in Boston USA.

    it is in need of repair and i for one would like to see it back in Liverpool and restored to its full glory in time for the ')* celebrations....

    it is a part of the city's history so i think that we should make some sort of representation to the museum to ask can it be returned to our great city....

    any thoughts, comments or Photographs...

    I have one but have not worked out how to downlos=ad it yet, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know...

    thanks everyone...


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    There are restored trams elsewhere, see Rons tramsite.

    The tram you refer to in the U.S.A. is in Maine, not Boston, It would probably cost way too much to make it worthwhile transporting.
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    Cool last tram in Liverpool..

    Thanks for that link shytalk, great information...I will email Ron shortly...



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    Default HIDDEN AWAY

    Not all of Merseyside’s trams have disappeared, National Museums Liverpool hold an old Liverpool tram in their street transport collection. The tram had formed part of the Large Objects Museum in the 1980's but following its closure it went into storage. Although not currently on public display it’s hoped some of the collection will form part of the planned new Museum of Liverpool at the Pier Head.

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    Cool last tram...

    Thanks Scousemouse...

    it will be good to see some of the old trams & trains & buses back on show... will they be intercactive do you know, a lot of museums are now doing interactive stuff for the kids...


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    I posted on this over at a while ago:

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    Cool liverpool's last tram..

    thanks Kev...

    I have a picture of that one...

    I have a friend in Canada whose grandad drove that last tram an when he visited it at the museum (not the main site), and he changed the number back to what was the opiginal route... and he found a ticket stubb from the last journey, collectors items indeed..


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    Cool last tram...

    what was the number???


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    Guess it was the 6A - Pier Head to Bowring Park!
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    Default 'Last Tram'

    The last tram's, (convoy of thirteen altogether) did follow the 6a Route from the Pier Head to Bowring Park, then on to the Edge Lane Depot. The actual number of the 'Last Tram' was No.293 which carried civic dignitaries. This tram, (Green Goddess) was shipped over to the US to become a museum piece at Kennebunkport, Main, in 1958.
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    Cool last tram...

    how do you know all this nznorm???


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    Default OLD BABY GRAND TRAM 245

    Just some info that Ex liverpool Corpy Baby grand tram 245 was moved from the Merseyside Museums store last year and is now under extensive restoration at Wirral Transport Museum



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    Thanks for the info and the great pics.

    Now I just hope I can last out till I can see it back in all its glory.

    I lived in the West Derby road area. I am right in saying that the No 10c went to Church St and the 10d to Dale St. I am sure the number 10 went to the Pier Head.
    Can anyone confirm that.

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    Any bus with C went down Church Street, and D was Dale Street, and E a short journey, and they all went to the Pier Head (Not like today, dumping you off at Lewis's!)
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    be great to see it back

    but i know that its been tried many times, and the museum never want it to leave


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