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    In my view Mathew Street is dissapointing and should be improved.

    The old Wade Smith building looks like a wasted space and there are other businesses which have closed down leaving a gap behind.

    It is as though regeneration is going backwards when businesses close.

    The area needs something to make it look more 'exciting'. Perhaps an art gallery or something.

    When you consider that people come from Japan to see Mathew Street, it should look better.

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    an art gallery would be good.
    And why don't they put the Eleanor Rigby statue there ? Can't understand why it's out of the way .. in Stanley st isn't it? Somewhere not very prominent. Thought it would make more sense for it to be in Mathew st.

    Does anyone know what happened to the statue of John Lennon that used to be in the Clayton sq shopping mall ? It was a good statue. Don't know where it is now.

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    It could not look any worse than it did in the 50's and 60's.
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    I don't think the area has changed much at all over the years apart from a few nice lights that are there permanently, at least its a familiar place that has a connection with the Beatles. Cavern Walks has always been a waste of space for me.
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