Does anyone know anything about my relatives the Hadnetts.
All originated in Westport CO Mayo. My Grandfather was called James Hadnett and was known as Jimmy. He married my Nan in 1944 after his first wife died in 1936. He went on to have 3 daughters M, N and C. So the surname died with him.
He had 2 sisters who also settled here Edith (Edie) who married William Pritchard and had a daughter P and then Jack (John) Lloyd and had children K and D, there was also a sister called Ida(Babs) who married Frank Harrison. I ve recently found out his parents also moved here probably in the early 30's They were called Edward and Elizabeth Hadnett born c1870. Any info would be great . Edward died in 1937 and Elizabeth in1943.
Jimmy and his wife and family lived in Botanic road from 40's to 70's