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Thread: Looking for Park from 53 Mason Street Toxteth Liverpool

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    Default Looking for Park from 53 Mason Street Toxteth Liverpool

    My father, Brian Park, was the youngest of a family of 8 who lived at 53 Mason Street.
    He died 10 years ago and was the last of his line and I think enough time has elapsed to know where he came from . I need to find the parts of my family jigsaw that have been missing all of my life. I am also aware that his early life wasn't happy and his younger years moulded the rest of his life.
    Any information to set me on the way would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you
    Jennifer Park

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    Hi Jennifer,
    welcome to Yo'! Maybe you could give a couple of names,dates,etc,to work on?

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    Hi Jen
    Welcome to yo

    What info are you searching for , do you know his parents/siblings names etc.
    What year was your dad born ?

    best wishes

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    Hiya Jen.....was your dads mothers maiden name Lawless ? and did yur dad have twin bros born 1927 ?
    was your dad born july / aug /sep 1931 ?.....allan

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