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Thread: Can anyone help with Smith/Siggins families?

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    Default Can anyone help with Smith/Siggins families?


    I wondered if anyone could help or perhaps point me in the right direction.

    My g.grandmother was one Ellen Siggins, she had two brothers and a sister (MARY SIGGINS born 1879) all born in St Helens. Their father died when they were very young and family stories indicate that their mother may have been unable to cope with four youngsters. Stories suggest that MARY went to live with another family in LIVERPOOL. Eventually she may have moved to Montreal in Canada. Again family stories suggest the family she lived with in Liverpool had the surname SMITH and the man of the house had something to do with Tug Boats. Also that MARY changed her surname to SMITH.

    I have found on a 1891 census one Mary Smith born in St Helens living with a John Smith (Shipsmith) and his wife Ann. They were living in Willoughby Street, West Derby. I thought that this might be too much of a coincidence.

    I can trace John Smith and his wife back to the 1861 Census. They had children of their own.

    I have also found on the 1901 Census a Mary Smith (this was possibly her maiden name before she got married), born St Helens, living as the wife of one Frederick Smith (Police Constable), in West Derby.

    Coming further up to date my mother remembers her mum taking her to a house in Liverpool (possibly near the water) around 1934/1935 and she seems to remember the people they visited were called SMITH and again the man was a Captain of a Tug Boat. Were these people descendents of the SMITH family that took in MARY?

    I just wondered if anyone had these individuals on their tree or knew anything about them?

    I need to eliminate them or confirm them in my investigations.

    I wondered if there were any records for Tug Boats around 1934/35? I did contact the Maritime Museum but they could not help me.

    Any assistance or advice would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards.

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    Hi SA,
    I'm sure there are sites, connected with former sailors/crewmen,and I'd guess, that there might be something relating to tugs! I'll have a look round,and maybe you could make a post to Captain Kong,etc who are former seamen,on this section,and they may be able to help!?

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