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Thread: CABE Give 30 Pall Mall Liverpool A Kicking

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    Default CABE Give 30 Pall Mall Liverpool A Kicking

    The Commission for Architecture and Built Environment has got the knives out for the Broadway Malyan designed tower at 30 Pall Mall in Liverpool.

    Of particular concern to the government design quango is the height of the tower which at 18 storeys is something they feel is poorly sited next to much shorter neighbours, whilst the podium is so substantial the soar of the tower is nullified leading the architectural body to dub it "ungainly".

    CABE also remain unconvinced by the idea that the tower may as a gateway building into the central business district of Liverpool and that St Edmund's Street may not need a tall building here.

    In addition to the height of the building CABE also have problems with the base of the tower and the newly planned internal public square with it having poor connections to the nearby Pownall Square.

    One thing that has impressed CABE is the cladding of the building and the way the architect has planned for it to be ventilated although this has been done in such a sophisticated manner CABE feel that it is too ambitious and the design will have to be compromised by the economic realities.

    CABE is also puzzled by why the same fa?ade is used through the plans of the building when environmental variables are so different meaning they believe different parts of the building will need different solar shading and ventilation rather than a uniform solution throughout.

    If approved 30 Pall Mall will have 22,110 square metres of largely office space with the prism shaped tower element on the south-west corner of the site.

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    I think CABE just say things half the time to justify their own position.

    I wish the council had the confidence to think independently and ignore them.

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    These people seem to be anti Liverpool and should be ignored.
    How often do they whinge about developments in manchester?
    The council should forge ahead with the plans, our city does not need "advice" or guidance from anyone.

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