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Thread: Sorrow at Stanlow (CTG)

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    Default Sorrow at Stanlow (CTG)

    Sorrow at Stanlow

    The Mersey floods were nettlesome: muddy
    river water in the refectory forced the white-
    habited Cistercians to evacuate their abbey
    on its Cheshire peninsula and build instead

    in Lancashire where Roman soldiers once tramped
    wary of rebel British tribes or invading Picts.
    Now Stanlow stands desolate, brambled
    and nettled; waterbirds roost as ships ease

    by on the Manchester Ship Canal and
    sun glints on oil refineries--Stanlow cut off
    from the world, little visited or known about.

    No more hunting for ducks or eels for supper,
    no more hymns to the glory of God drifting
    over the Mersey mudflats at low tide.

    Christopher T. George

    Ruins of Stanlow Abbey. Photograph from English Heritage.

    Also see Whalley Abbey, near Blackburn, Lancashire.
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