Ian Hart (born 8 October 1964 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England) is an English actor of Irish Catholic extraction.

One of 3 siblings, he attended Cardinal Allen Grammar School (now called Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School) in Liverpool. After which he studied drama at Liverpool's Mabel Fletcher College of Music and Drama (now no longer existing).

From 1988 to 1991 he studied video production at South Mersey College (now called Community College).

He portrayed the late Beatle, John Lennon in Backbeat (1994), David Carr in Land and Freedom (1995), and the malevolent Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

On television, he played Dr. Watson in two Sherlock Holmes television movies, shown on BBC One over the Christmas seasons in 2002 and 2004.

Selected filmography

* The Virgin Queen (2006) (Television) as William Cecil - Lord Burghley
* A Cock and Bull Story (2006) as Joe
* Ripley Under Ground (2005) as Bernard Sayles
* Finding Neverland (2004) as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
* Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004) (television) as Dr. Watson
* The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002) (television) as Dr. Watson
* Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) as Professor Quirrell
* Liam (2000) as Dad
* The End of the Affair (1999) as Mr. Parkis
* Enemy of the State (1999) as Det. John Bingham
* Wonderland (1999) as Dan
* Monument Ave. (1998) as Mouse
* The Butcher Boy (1997) as Uncle Alo
* Michael Collins (1996) as Joe O'Reilly
* The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995) as Johnny Shellshocked
* Land and Freedom (1995) as David Carr
* Backbeat (1994) as John Lennon


* Ian Hart has played John Lennon twice - in The Hours and Times (made 1988, released 1991) and Backbeat (1994)