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    Does anyone remember Conyers Street which was close to the junction of Great Homer Street and Great Mersey Street around 1954. It actually ran between Great Homer Street and Netherfield Road.

    I am trying to locate a picture of a wine merchants there, but any local recollections would be helpful.

    I believe the area was redeveloped in the earlly 1970s and Conyers Street disappeared.
    Thank you

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    I lived in Conyers St until for 15 years until it was cleared for slum clearance in the 60s and there wasn't a Wine shop in the street.We had Dawbers down at the bottom facing the garage and the Co-Op but that was a wholesalers- sweets if I remember right as that is where the mums bought the sweets for Coronation Day street party. We had a grocers on the corner of the next street-Crete St, Billy Holmes and then Sykes on Netherfield Road.

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