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    Default MOLYNEUX SUCCESS!!!!!

    Thank you to everyone who has read this thread and to the lovely people who left messages. I've deleted my messages now, because I've actually made contact with the Molyneux family. After years of searching, I've finally traced my extended family.

    A huge thank you to Karen, who actually found them for me.


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    Hi Lind,
    I replied to our other thread as we sold our house to John Molyneux in the 70's.
    I just wish my dear old Mum and Dad were still around to help you , as they lived just by Wellington Road, in Bessemer Street and Thornton Place I'm sure they would have known the people you are looking for !, it was such a tight knit area that everyone knew everyone !.
    I wish you good luck in your quest.

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    Hello Squiggs. It's lovely of you to send another message. Thank you. I'm sure your Mum and Dad would have known of the family. Yes, back then streets were small communities. When we were young we called all our neighbours aunty or uncle. As children, we'd be in and out of each others houses and if our mothers were out, we always knew that the key was hanging on a piece of string behind the front door.

    Best wishes, Lind.
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