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Thread: Hilbre island Rescued boys' mother 'shopping'

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    Thumbs down Hilbre island Rescued boys' mother 'shopping'

    Two young children were found neck deep in an incoming tide on a Wirral beach when their mother left them to go shopping, lifeguards have said.

    The boys, aged four and five, were found on a sandbank at an islet off Hilbre island, near West Kirby, as temperatures soared on Saturday. more

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    The rescue services must have sore necks shaking their heads in disbelief!
    4+5 yo kids should never be out of sight, and by the way this story is written it looks like the mother or grandmother are guilty of neglect
    but without knowing the full circumstances im not going to jump to conclusions, however i'd like to thank the lifeboat crew and emergency services for saving their lives, there are a few other stories with more unfortunate results this weekend and we must remember that the RNLI are "needed" and always need support.

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