I remember in about early mid 60s jumping on the back of a flat bed trailer which was a single man cab we used to call them 'ellie may's they used to cart various bales on a hitched up trailer etc around the dock road and such but they were slow enough to jump on the back of the trailer and ride down over mill street right to the bottom and back up of course my tired seven year old legs were struggling ........ happy days And your point is?
Well about two years ago I went to a local train enthusiasts railway called Earls Colne railway in Essex you know the type where they have a few trains restored and about 20 people working their socks off for sweet fa other than the pleasure they get from this. Wandering about over against a fence I spotted a little cab overgrown with weeds and immediately recognised the Ellie May ,sadly I am not one for carrying cameras about and no-one there could shed any light on how it got there etc If i go again i will take a pic and try and get serial numbers etc for all you knowledgeable people on here that can track and tell how it got there etc by the way anyone got any pics of them as they were and why did they call them Ellie May ?