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    For generations grand plans for exciting buildings have been scuppered by the dead hand of planning and flat earthers. Now developers want to build here for the first time in a century but are driven elsewhere. Aesthetitically Liverpools topography is far better suited to towers than other British cities who lack a wide river and scatter them around to no effect. Yes they would look best in zones at different heights as in the US, instead of a ridiculous imposed uniform height. Liverpools great 20th century buildings Liver, India, Martins Bank etc were inspired by dynamic US cities and set it apart from bland UK cities. Now we are being overtaken because some lack the courage and vision of the past and are missing long awaited opportunities. This reveals the timid insular mentality and willingness to accept mediocrity, which can be seen in the rash of identical system built boxes now covering the city. These opportunities won't last, seize them, reticence sends a negative message. Use Liverpools topography, make it unique and spectacular in the 21st century as it was in the early 20th.

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    If you look at the rendered skyline shot in the Liverpool Skyline thread you can see some positive improvements being made to it,we could be doing more but there's definite progress being made.

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