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Thread: Teenage girl gang-raped on way home

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    So sad. All this about the police doing nothing isn't unusal and unheard of.
    They're quick enough arresting a teenager with a 20 quid bag of herbal cannabis?
    I was once nicked with a very small amout of cannabis a good few years ago...the coppers said to me "we have to nick someone in this area before we can go to town "perving" on the women". Great, smackheads are running riot in my area along with the house robbers,bag snatchers and gun weilding teens but it sems that it was more important to get to town to watch the ladies. This is still the case today. It's all to do with numbers,the more arrests they make they seem to be doing a good job. Lazy policing I reckon.
    I hope all goes well for you lisa and all. Make a fuss. A BIG ONE!

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    Default Dont Forget Dispatches Tomorrow Channel 4 8pm

    As mentioned in my previous post the air date for the filming
    is 22ND June 2009 at 8pm it is called Rape in the City.
    Please watch. If it can help anyone who has been effected by these scum bags.

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