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Thread: Police lockdown parts of Merseyside after recent shootings

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    Default Police lockdown parts of Merseyside after recent shootings

    A BLANKET of police officers was rolled out across Merseyside last night.

    In response to recent shootings, police threw massive resources into the affected areas.

    On Wednesday, they targeted Knowsley and last night went out in Sefton.

    Tomorrow night, they will be out on the streets of north Liverpool, particularly West Derby ? the scene of attacks on three pubs last Saturday night.

    Officers executed warrants, stopped vehicles for roadside checks and visited pubs with drugs dogs.

    Last night, police raided six houses and arrested a total of 34 people throughout the evening.

    They were picked up for a range of offences, from drugs and handling stolen goods to breach of bail and skipping court.

    Officers took passive police dogs into pubs.

    Instead of barking like normal sniffer dogs, the specially trained canines simply sat by people they could smell drugs on.

    Since the West Derby shootings six days ago, reports of shots being fired have come in from Wavertree, Allerton, Huyton and Southport. more
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    Good to see the Police out trying to sort it.
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    Monday. Pass a law saying anyone found with a gun will be given a mandatory 10 year sentence minimum - and that's even if they're minding it and haven't fired it.

    Tuesday. A national add campaign on every media outlet possible about the new law, what will happen, about the forthcoming amnesty - see below.

    Wednesday. Set up an amnesty/hand guns in etc. Watch them sh1t.

    Thursday. Raid every known/suspected criminal premises/house etc.

    Friday. Not a gun on the street.

    Could it be that easy. Hang on a mo, will Brussels say we can't give 10 year min sentences, a breach of human rights like?

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Only that it would allay peoples fears that it's ok to go out in a particular area on a certain night I can't see any benefits to announcing what the police are doing and when. The only help it gives is to the people they're trying to catch. It's almost like they announced their plans to make sure they had a quiet night.

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