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    Default Kenny Everett

    Born....25 December 1944
    Seaforth, Liverpool, England, UK

    Birth name ....Maurice James Christopher Cole

    After his death, his entire collection of on-air recordings of his work (over 200 hours) were donated to the National Sound Archive.

    Was originally a disc jockey for a British off-shore (pirate) radio station, Radio London, and briefly left to work with Radio Luxembourg, returning after RL fired him for admitting that he smoked marijuana. After British law forced the off-shore stations off the air, he worked for the BBC, and later for licensed commercial stations, including Capital Radio.

    Lamthingyed the US military-industrial complex with his character, "General Norm Bomthe*******s", televangelists with his character "Brother Lee Love", and sex-symbol celebrities with his character "Cupid Stunt".

    Received the Gold Sony Radio Award in 1994 for Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting.

    Was fired from BBC Radio 1 for telling a joke about the Minister of Transport's wife's driving test, hinting that the driving instructor may have been bribed.

    Despite his anarchic sense of humor, his open homosexuality, his public campaigning for gay rights and his caustic jokes aimed at Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher, he was a member and open supporter of the Conservative Party (Tories) in England. At one party conference, he spoke from the platform, imploring: "Let's nuke Russia!"

    Frequently locked horns with the studio bosses during the production of _"Kenney Everett Video Show, The" (1978)_ . In one skit, he depicted them as being behind an ancient, cobweb covered door marked "Office Of Saying 'No'".

    Kenny Everett had a U.K. top ten hit single in 1983 with "Snot Rap", based on some of the catch-phrases of characters from the Kenny Everett Show and co-written with Mike Moran.
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    This is well worth buying Kenny was a leader in his field.

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    Also the Kenny Everett bio at Wikipedia is worth a visit.

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    He may not have been everyone's cup of tea but they broke the mould when they made him!

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