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    Hi, I'm currently a a student at Runshaw college and I need a few people to answer a questionnaire for a project I'm doing. Would you please take the time to fill it out, any reply would be appreciated. Thank you in adavance.

    1. The city of Liverpool has been anointed with the title of ?capital of culture?; do you believe that it is the right choice?

    2. If yes, why?

    3. The city has currently launched a mass of art projects such as the ? giant spider? invasion at the St Georges hall; do you think that this helps raise the profile of the city and has it been successful?

    4. Would the launch of ambitious projects such as the Liverpool comedy festival, which will feature comedians such as Al Murray, Andy Parsons and Rob Brydon, convince you to visit Liverpool?

    5. The city seems to be reconnecting with the youth culture of today; do you believe that it is successful in doing so?

    6. Liverpool?s? image seems to be changing quite rapidly, it is inviting more cultural and diverse forms of entertainment then it did before, why do you think this is?

    Thank you again

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    Seeing as nobody bothered then I will have a go.....
    1/ Right choice ? Hmm, depending on what they mean by "Culture"...Guns,Drugs,???

    2/Gun culture and drug culture and gang culture..Yes.Just like most cities.


    4/ Al Murray is a comedian ???? And NO.


    6/ Matbe it's because there's money to be made and better places to have events/entertainment.

    Jobs a goodun'

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